About Triscribe

Triscribe is building ePrescribing analytics for hospitals.

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Our software will help hospital pharmacists:

  • Optimise medicines usage
  • Improve medicines safety
  • Realise return on investment from ePrescribing systems

The Triscribe Story

Our four founders have deep and complementary experience:

Aziz Sheikh and Colin Simpson are world class academics from the Institute of Population Health at Edinburgh University.

Ann Slee is one of the UK’s leading hospital pharmacists and has been at the forefront of ePrescribing developments since 2005.

Kenny Fraser has worked with technology business since 1994. This is the first startup in which he has taken an executive role.

The team is united by a passion to use data to help improve health outcomes and manage healthcare resources better. We call this intelligence in prescribing. Find out more about our team…

The Problem

All healthcare systems face pressures to achieve more with limited resources. For hospital pharmacists this means optimising the use of medicines while using medicines safely. Hospital pharmacists also need to spend more time on clinical activities and less on stock control and management. Hospitals often make poor use of IT and struggle to achieve returns on investment on digital.

How does this look for a hospital pharmacist?

NHS hospital pharmacists are in the front line dealing with these challenges. We see multiple pressures on quality and resources:

Image of clinical priorities for NHS hospital pharmacistsNHS Improvement agenda for ePrescribing analyticsProfessional standards and safety indicators for hospital pharmacists

The Solution – Triscribe ePrescribing Analytics

Triscribe is building intelligence in prescribing. ePrescribing analytics which will put the world leading academic intelligence of our founders in the hands of front line hospital pharmacy teams.

ePrescribing provides a new source of data on how medicines are used – prescription, dispensing and administration. Triscribe has been founded to use this data to put intelligence in the hands of front line hospital pharmacists.

Our solution will offer a clear focus amongst the myriad of pressures. Intelligence in Prescribing means:

  • Improving medicines usage for example volumes, patterns of prescription and administration and patient demographics
  • Improving medicines safety for example BJCP safety indicators, trigger indicators, missed doses, timing of administration
  • Reduced infrastructure services burden for example easier reporting, benchmarking and comparison, CQUIN reporting

Who will benefit from ePrescribing analytics?

Our software is focused on helping hospital pharmacists. From talking to NHS professionals, we know that our analytics will also be valuable for other clinicians including doctors, nurses, research professionals and more. For example, we have had interest from clinicians in surgery, renal medicine and Parkinson’s treatment.

ePrescribing analytics also support the delivery of return on investment from ePrescribing systems and other digital health initiatives. We achieve this by reducing the administration and reporting burden and providing insights for more efficient decision making. These benefits will be valuable for NHS finance professionals at all levels.

Find out more about our pilot programme

Right now we are working with 3 NHS hospitals to build our pilot product.

If you would like to know more about how our ePrescribing analytics can help optimise medicines usage, improve medicines safety and deliver return on investment in ePrescribing get in touch.

Drop us an e-mail at contact@triscribe.net or sign up for regular updates.