Triscribe - Intelligence
in Prescribing

We use ePrescribing data to help hospital staff optimise medicines usage and support improvements in patient safety.

Triscribe was founded by a team that has worked with prescribing data for many years. Our software puts that experience and expertise in the hands of front line NHS clinicians.

Our Team

Professor Aziz Sheikh OBE


Aziz gives a world leading clinical perspective to help Triscribe optimise patient outcomes.

Aziz is an epidemiologist and an internationally recognised expert in the secondary analysis of healthcare data. His research interests include asthma and health inequalities.

He is Professor of Primary Care Research & Development at The University of Edinburgh and the Director of The Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics. He has advised Governments and the WHO on eHealth strategy. He also holds visiting chairs at Harvard Mecial School, the University of Birmingham, Queen Mary's University of London and Maastricht University.

Ann Slee

BPharm, DipClinPharm, MSc, MRPharmS

Ann is applying her unrivalled expertise in ePrescribing to ensure Triscribe is designed to optimise the use of medicines.

Ann is a pharmacist, an expert in electronic prescribing and currently works for NHS England were she leads the digital prescribing programme.

She has extensive experience in both the development and deployment of ePrescribing systems. She is a leadership fellow of the Health Foundation and has held honorary clinical academic appointments at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Birmingham. During her career she has held a number of senior pharmacy positions in NHS hospitals.

Dr Colin Simpson


Colin is leading our design team to ensure Triscribe intelligence provides real actionable insights to clinicians in the field. He also drives our information governance programme, ensuring we meet the highest standards of data privacy and security.

Colin is Professor of Population Health at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He was previously a Reader in Population Health Sciences & Informatics at the University of Edinburgh and Director Innovation for the Usher Institute. He has held Fellowship positions at The University of Aberdeen, the Information Services Division of NHS Scotland and remains an honorary fellow at the University of Edinburgh. He has over 60 publications relating to the use of health data to assess drug safety, effectiveness and quality of care.

Kenny Fraser

Kenny is the commercial and business strategy leader for Triscribe.  He helps build and grow our business so that it meets the needs of our customers.

Kenny has over 30 years of commercial experience in in the business of technology. He has worked in over 40 countries and held global leadership positions while a partner in PwC. He is a non executive director and provides advice and expertise to startups. In addition, he serves on the board of Social Investment Scotland, an investment fund for social enterprises. He is also a recognised speaker and writer on the business of digital tech.

Unlocking the value of your data

Implementing ePrescribing is the first step. Real change comes from making the data visible to clinicians.

NHS hospitals have adopted ePrescribing fast and the pace is increasing. Many have little or no visibility of the data captured by these systems. Triscribe is able to handle the volume of data and present easy to use visualisations. Any authorised user in the hospital can use these analytics to support real improvements in patient safety and medicines usage.

Our company

Triscribe aims to put world leading expertise in the hands of front line clinicians.

We spent two and half years on a pilot project with 3 NHS hospitals to develop our prototype system. We are now implementing the first commercial version and supporting a hositpal with a project to research the use of antibiotics. We are ready to work with more hospitals to unlock the value of data by delivering ePrescribing analytics. If you want to know more, get in touch.