ePrescribing Analytics for Hospitals

Triscribe is developing ePrescribing analytics for NHS hospitals

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Help hospital pharmacists realise the benefits of investment in ePrescribing systems.

  • Medicines optimisation through improved information on usage, prescribing and administration of medicines.
  • Improve medicines safety and medicines governance. Up to date reporting against key safety indicators.
  • Deliver hospital pharmacy transformation programme (HPTP) by reducing admin and reporting elements of infrastructure programmes.
  • Allow hospital pharmacists to focus on their own quality needs and priorities

Our pilot programme is well advanced and we are aiming to launch in late 2017.

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Support medicines optimisation

  • Number and dosage of prescription by drug name
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  • Number and dosage of administration by drug name
  • Aligned to DMD codes
  • Prescriptions by ward and by prescriber
  • Analysis by prescribed route
  • Demographics based on age and gender profile

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Improve medicines safety and governance

  • Details of timing of prescriptions and administrationsicon for medicines safety and governance
  • Reporting against many BJCP patient safety indicators
  • Six IMPACT indicators
  • Analysis of missed doses
  • Gap analysis of scheduled administrations
  • Compare prescribed route with administrations

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Help deliver HPTP

  • Aligned with Carter report focus on clinical servicesicon for supporting HPTP
  • Reduce administration and reporting burden
  • Automated reporting on key usage and safety measures
  • Reporting on high costs drugs
  • CQUIN targets eg anti-microbial usage
  • Support your hospital pharmacy transformation programme

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Focus on your own quality needs

  • Modern software with latest security featuresicon for quality, security, governance
  • Highest standards of information governance
  • All patient data pseudonymised on site
  • Access to data plug in to develop your own analysis
  • Develop ideas to support key projects and priorities
  • Enable benchmarking within the NHS

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